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20 juil. 2018 à 14h24

Medical Mission - Saint Gabriel Saint Joseph Moscati Catholic Hospital in Yamoussokro

Conducted by Dr. Bruno Schaffner Commander of the Hospitallers of France and Dr. Bernard Pincemaille, Knight Hospitaller of the Order of Saint Gabriel
For the third time our medical team went to Côte d'Ivoire to assess the state of the hospital Saint joseph Yamoussoukro. The stay allowed to determine the needs
From this entity with which the Order of St. Gabriel has signed a partnership agreement
1. THE POLE MOTHER CHILD being organized
There are a number of weaknesses, particularly with regard to the use of existing equipment of very good quality. Also we see a crucial lack of competent and available radiologists.
It will be necessary to improve the communication and the organization of the reception.
A - Lack of Staff Training: Has virtually all positions - effective practical placements to consider and set up.
B - Crucial lack of patients in general despite the FAVORABLE environment and the population of the Region
- Rapid reactivation of EMERGENCIES and POLE MOTHER-CHILD
- Effective activation at the RADIO-SCANNER + MRI Pole
- Full-time and competent doctors
- IMAGING MEDICINE - ESSENTIAL Pole - generating significant revenue for the Hospital
- Establishment of specific protocols according to the pathology - Optimize the skills: Radiologists - Manipulators - Effective preparation of the patient (if injection).
- Rapid interpretation to lead to a fast and well-conducted treatment
- Develop the DIALYSE RENALE division - also essential in the Hospital's revenues - INDISPENSABLE
- The MOTHER-CHILD Pole must be developed rapidly
- The SURGICAL Pole requires a better organization in order to achieve greater efficiency. Also TRAINING and protocols - Implementation of advanced techniques - Epidural - blocks - members sup and inf.
in agreement with Dr. JP PICHON ENL
- To develop a system of ADVANCED consultations around YAMOUSSOKRO - in the villages - on the spot most representative of the population and the population in PEDIATRIA - ENT - DERMATO - GYNECO in the form of adapted MOBILE UNITS - MINICAR or BUS within a radius of 20/25 kms in a first time around YAMOUSSOKRO in agreement with the Government, which would allow a TRI on the spot and to then address for the Specialties the patients to MOSCATI.
- TO TRAIN STAFF MOSCATI - on the spot - UPR - Protocols of intervention - sending on site specialized people - Manip Radio - Anesthesia - Resuscitation - Kidney Dialysis - ENT - OPH (who are perfectly ready to intervene in these conditions and under control of the ST GABRIEL medical team - It is up to the trained people to train their colleagues (specialized nurses and others) Consider practical training in the form of participation Video + Colloquia - Practical questions / answers on the spot.
THEREFORE, THEREFORE, the solutions we are considering in order to engage the MOSCATI Hospital which has many advantages to develop actively and thus to have a quality HEARING in the region and beyond, given its location. between ABIDJAN and BURKINA-FASO.
Hospital Commander of the Order in France