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14 Sep 2022 to 11h05

News from Mechref College in Lebanon concerning the "Solar Panels" project, within the framework of "Works in favour of the Christian Children of the East".

We are pleased to inform you that our action in favour of the children of the Mechref College in Lebanon has been successful.

The Order of Saint Gabriel, together with its industrial partner SUNGY, has completed the installation of a photovoltaic electrification system to cover the lighting and air-conditioning needs of the school's management building.

A total budget of 200,000 € is required to meet the needs of the entire college....     

Thanks to the help of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, the CPME, our partner the Petram foundation (Switzerland), the XXL association (Switzerland) and industrial partners from Lyon, the ACI group and the TOTEM company, we have been able to implement a varied programme of actions.
  • Electrification of school buildings
  • The sending of 3 containers of school equipment and clothing
  • The purchase of food
We would like to thank all our partners and members of the Order who, through their generosity and personal investment, enable us to help the most disadvantaged.
If you wish to participate in our work, please do not hesitate to join us in our national associations (France, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Germany, ...)
We will be happy to welcome you and write a page of humanity with you.  Your support is essential for us to finalise our project. All your donations are directly transferred without any intermediary structure costs, all our members work voluntarily. Moreover, for any amount donated you will receive a tax receipt which will allow you to deduct 66% of the amount donated from your taxes.