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04 Jun 2021 to 08h37


At the end of March, the little Asmeralda was born in our maternity ward. Unfortunately, she has a congenital malformation: syndactyly (the fingers of both hands are, in part, glued). Surgery will be necessary to regain normal use of her fingers. This intervention can be performed at the age of one year. Our association made the decision to fund her because her parents cannot afford it. This is a concrete example of our action and motivates us even more.

This month we performed a total of 586 medical procedures.

The month of April also saw the number of Covid cases explode in Madagascar, which is facing a second wave much more severe than the first. Our Health Center did not escape this epidemic, several members of our staff were affected, fortunately all the cases turned out to be not very serious. To date everyone is back on their feet.