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02 Nov 2020 to 14h46

RAKHI FOUNDATION - April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020

Danielle BROCHIER, president of RAKHI Foundation, spent her stay in India from October 16, 2019 to March 10, 2020, i.e. 19 weeks in total.
The actions carried out in collaboration with The International Association of Hospital Works of Saint-Gabriel (AIOHSG) made it possible to achieve their objective.
€ 25,243 of donations received made it possible to finance a certain number of actions:
  • Construction aid; € 12,369
  • Purchase of goats and cows: € 4.407
  • Educational aid: € 3,020
  • Social assistance: 2,855 €
  • Salary assistance: 2,482 €
  • Training in sewing and embroidery: 109 €
Construction aid: this year, we funded:

  • Expansion of our social center in Alampoondi in order to be able to give computer and English lessons.
  • The construction of sanitary facilities in the primary school in the village of Satiamangalam.
  • Painting from Alampoondi primary school.
Purchase of goats and cows:

  • 55 goats were provided in several villages;
  • 5 cows were sold by microcredit to 5 women, ie € 1,900.
Educational aid:

  • We are financing the education of two orphans as well as that of a 14 year old teenager;
  • In partnership with the Constellation association, we are creating new painting workshops in schools in Tamil Nadu;
  • Creation of gardening workshops for children.
Welfare :

  • We continue to pay for the hostel for young student Om PRAKASH;
  • Training in screen printing and purchase of 400 T-shirts that women will sell;
  • Training in the processing of medicinal plants for 2 groups of women;
  • Training in weaving to make and sell rugs widely used in homes.
Salary assistance:
  • For sewing and embroidery training we continue to employ two women,
  • For tutoring in Alampoondi primary school we also employed two women.
Sewing and embroidery training:

  • These workshops continue; we maintain the sewing machines;
  • We handed out 25 certificates of competence allowing 25 women to receive orders for making school uniforms.

PROGRAM FOR 2020 – 2021


This action will target 163 children aged 7 to 17 in 5 villages.
Five teachers will teach different subjects in two stages: 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon.
Children need to receive this education at home. Indeed, on the one hand the schools are currently closed, on the other hand there is often absenteeism because they are discriminated against by the upper castes.

The necessary annual budget is € 1,280.00 broken down as follows:

  • Salaries of the five teachers: € 13.00 per person per month, or € 780.00 per year,
  • Miscellaneous supplies: € 500.00 for the year.

Established for several years, we will continue this action with 11 villages. 150 women will each receive a goat.

Owning a goat makes it possible to obtain income by:

  • Sale of meat: € 55.00 for 5kg, € 162.00 for 15 to 20kg,
  • Sale of cheese: € 5.50 per kg.
This program therefore improves the economic status of these populations and improves financial independence.

The total budget foreseen is 7600,00 €:

  • Purchase: € 50.00 per goat, or € 7,500.00,
  • Negotiation and delivery costs: € 100.00.

This action started in 2019; five cows were provided by microcredit to five women.
They are very satisfied with it, the sale of milk bringing in 0.50 € per liter, or about 3.50 € per day.
We plan to provide micro-credit for 15 cows to 15 women in 15 villages.
These 15 people want to set up a farm in order to sell milk and butter.
A cow costing € 450.00, the total estimated budget is € 6800.00.

The Order of Saint Gabriel (www.ordre-de-saint-gabriel.eu). Will continue to support his works in the world, if you wish to lend your support, come to our side to help carry our humanist values.

The Order of Saint Gabriel is committed to providing assistance to works in which the beneficiaries have undertaken to take a proactive approach that allows them to regain their dignity through work and sharing.

To join us do not hesitate to make your financial contribution.

French taxpayers can obtain an income tax reduction of 66% of the amount invested for any donation over € 50.
This is why we ask donors who can benefit from this reduction to make their donations on DONORBOX - FRANCE. (This simplifies our administration)

Since our association is declared of general interest in France, please attach your personal details so that we can send you the tax document.

For potential donors from other countries, you can also use the DONORBOX - INTERNATIONAL please.
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Extension of the social centerNew roomsNew sanitary facilitiesNew sanitary facilitiesPaint workPaint workInstallation of solar lightsInstallation of solar lightsGoat deliveryOne of the cows soldPainting workshopsPainting workshopsGardening workshopScreen printing of t-shirtsScreen printing of t-shirtsScreen printing of t-shirtsMedicinal plant trainingMedicinal plant trainingWeaving trainingWeaving trainingSewing and embroidery workshopObtaining certificates of competence