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22 Jul 2020 to 10h13

The Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium Self Help Fund

Every two years, the Mutual Aid Fund organizes the Prince Alexandre Literary Prize, which is dedicated to a different theme for each organization.

The Prince Alexandre Prize is placed under the presidency of the Vicomte de Duve.

Purpose and Actions of "The Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium Self Help Fund"

The Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium Mutual Aid Fund is a foundation that has the will to serve people vulnerable to life and illness. Disadvantaged, sick, disabled or needy families and children can find help and support from the Fund. The foundation helps those closest to us.
The Mutual Aid Fund thus intervenes with individuals, works or actions that are sometimes unrecognized and that find themselves alone in the face of the challenges ahead.

It has been many years and in all discretion that the Prince and Princess Alexander of Belgium personally help causes that are close to their hearts. The purpose of the Mutual Aid Fund is to make their action transparent and has the particularity of acting on the basis of the submission of dossiers, without any discrimination and throughout Belgium.

The features of the Mutual Aid Fund are:

  •     Direct action on the ground
  •     Transparency ; the sums of money collected are immediately made available to the supported projects
  •     Volunteering ; the foundation carries out its work with a minimum of running costs, thanks to the participation of volunteers
  •     The national will; the Mutual Aid Fund helps projects exclusively in Belgium and shares the funds raised between the different regions of the country
  •     Respect for the people helped
Chaired by Prince Alexandre, the Mutual Aid Fund benefits from Princess Lea's action in the field and her personal involvement in all projects. All year long fundraising events take place in Brussels, in Flanders, Wallonia and the German-speaking Community. All funds raised are used to support selected projects.
December 1, 2014 The Order of Saint-Gabriel has come to help the Prince and Princess Alexandre Foundation of Belgium for the exceptional work done for many years for the benefit of people vulnerable to illness and life.
« We live in a world of loneliness in which solidarity and human contact are more important than ever. The Mutual Aid Fund is a hand extended and warm to all those who are mistreated by life »
Sr. Princess Léa of Belgium - June 2006