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22 Jul 2020 to 09h21

The association « Les Nids »

Depuis plus de 80 ans au service de l’enfance en difficulté
Depuis plus de 80 ans au service de l’enfance en difficulté

For more than 80 years in the service of children in difficulty

The association « Les Nids » is an organization recognized by public utility, apolitical and non-confessional.
Established in Upper Normandy, it has been conducting missions for children in difficulty for more than 80 years and accompanies their families. Her role is to provide the 4700 children and adolescents she follows each year with protection, support, education and understanding to give them every opportunity to build their future.

Focus on local realities

Every day, for the region of Haute-Normandie alone, 10,000 minors are cared for as part of a Child Protection measure. 266,000 in France, or 2% of those under 18 years old. This rate is high and constantly increasing, revealing one of the regions most affected by economic and social difficulties (unemployment, precariousness, illiteracy ...).
The association « Les Nids », intervenes in various fields of activity which place the child and his family at the heart of his missions, in order to meet the characteristics of each:
- Child protection
         > The reception of children placed in a children's home or foster home
         > Preventive monitoring
- Places of mediation and listening
         > The word of the child
         > Family mediation
         > Maintaining links
         > The support of parents
- Education in a specialized institute
- Juvenile delinquency
- Integration through housing or social

Nearly 4700 children and adolescents followed each year

- 13 establishments, representing 47 services
         >  851 employees (36th employer of Haute-Normandie)
         >  100 volunteers
         >  More than 200 members
         >  € 42.5 million annual budget, mainly public funding
             (day prices and subsidies)

His role as a social actor

The association « Les Nids » is a witness of the social difficulties that are expressed on its territory: psychic suffering of children, problems of insertion of the young people, school failure, delinquency, problematic of precarious housing, isolation, access to the care and the 'employment…
Developing missions of general interest, its association status gives it a look to better grasp the realities, a freedom to change policies and mentalities, a duty to adapt its responses to the evolution of society, families and local issues.
This role is more than ever necessary to guarantee the right to childhood and build the adults of tomorrow, autonomous and responsible. To achieve this, it relies on:
The commitment of its professionals and volunteers who act on a daily basis with children and families