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21 Feb 2015 to 08h51

Inauguration of the Mother-Child Wing Saint Joseph Moscati Hospital of Yamoussoukro

February 21, a delegation of the Order of St. Gabriel, composed of the Grand Master of the Order, HE Roland Roux de Chavanes Consul of Côte d'Ivoire, Legate of the Order in West Africa Consul de Côte d'Ivoire, HE Gaston Brun and the special envoy of the Swiss chapter, Chevalier Anthony Béal, were received by Father Serge Honzu, Director of the hospital. Father Honzu was surrounded by medical staff and hospital services.
The delegation was able to realize the important achievements: surgery rooms fully equipped with the most modern equipment.
The Mayor wanted to honor and thank the Consul of Côte d'Ivoire HE Mr. Roland Roux de Chavanes for his constant action for many years in favor of Mother and Child, he reminded donations of equipment, coaches, ambulances , and medical equipment for Yamoussoukro and its neighboring clinics.

The reception ended with the surprise of the day which was the inauguration of the Avenue Roland Roux de Chavanes in one of the upscale neighborhoods of the city, an exceptional honor, Roland Roux de Chavanes with great emotion to thank in his name, that of his family present and in the name of the Order of St. Gabriel the authorities of the city and state present at this beautiful ceremony.
After the inauguration of the plaque, the strong delegation of thirty members went to the Hotel President for a cocktail offered by the GM.
All this has been implemented since GM's last visit 2 years ago, when a partnership protocol was signed between the hospital and the Order of St. Gabriel.
The hospital will soon be inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, His Excellency Alassane Ouattara.
The Order of St. Gabriel in June 2015 had given to Father Honzu in Lyon a sum of 20000 € which allowed the financing of the delivery rooms the purchase of beds and mattresses, and a colposcope and 2 ambulances.
After a welcome speech, Father Honzu organizes a site visit.
The Grand Master and his suite were able to talk to the hospital staff for a long time, which gave them an exceptional welcome, as only Africans and especially Ivorians know how to do.
The visit ended with the inauguration of the Mother-Child Wing, and the surprise discovery of the marble plaque with the arms of the Order of St. Gabriel, commemorating the constant efforts of our Order in his favor.
The mother-child wing of the hospital is called since February 21: "Wing mother child Saint-Gabriel-"
The Grand Master, Mr. Roland Roux de Chavanes, thanked Father Honzu for this delicate attention and congratulated him and all the staff for the quality of the work provided and the beauty of this hospital which could cover the needs of the sub-region if necessary .
The hospital now has about one hundred people (doctors and hospital services).

However, there is a lack of doctors, an approach will be undertaken to the return of the delegation in France to plan to send to Yamoussoukro doctors and nurses, as part of temporary and voluntary actions. Members of the Order, doctors will be invited to collaborate in the realization of this project.
Following the visit of the hospital, the Mayor of Yamoussoukro Jean Kouakou and his municipal council organized a reception worthy of the welcome given to the personalities at the mayor's office in the presence of the Prefect, customary chiefs and political and military personalities of the region.