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03 Mar 2017 to 08h25

Support to Rahki's fondation


Between February and March 2017


Our support made it possible to buy 50 goats

This year again, the Donation Commission of the Order of Saint Gabriel, chaired by Ambassador Jürg Staübli, financed the action supported by the Rakhi association and its President Mrs. Danièle Brochier, during her 7 weeks of presence in Tamilnadu from February to March 2017
As in many cattle fairs around the world, in India things happen in the same way. There is the trader who spots the good goats and then he negotiates the prices, which vary between 50 and 60e.

The goats are then, under the direction of the village chief, given to each family. This year, the association contributed to the purchase of 50 full goats which were offered to 4 villages.

Project to build 3 new classrooms

Mr. Kalyani left his job as a teacher to defend the rights of the "Irulas", a semi-nomadic, non-caste population that is often highly discriminated against. He also created a school for children aged 5 to 13 from very poor families.
The project to build 3 new classrooms in this school is planned for October 2017, in order to receive "Irulas" children. The Montessori method is applied for the youngest children.


The new rehabilitation centre for disabled children was inaugurated on Friday 17 February. Brother Anand and Mr. Antoine have been developing physical stimulation exercises for years to give the child some mobility. These are performed in the presence of the mother or father so that they can continue this work at home.
Our support policy is based on the philosophy that a donation should enable the beneficiaries to develop income-generating activities through their work.
Thus, different workshops are created where people train and make things for themselves. For example, the creation of embroidery designs, which the seamstresses do wonderfully. They will then be able to sell them for the benefit of the Rakhi foundation, which ensures them a regular income.
In addition, a sewing training workshop was opened at the beginning of April 2017.
Staff are hired by the foundation to train young women in sewing. They will graduate after 6 months. Obtaining this diploma will give them access to paid work.