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02 Feb 2015 to 07h55

The Andzaha Maternity Clinic

Partnership Protocol of THE ORDER OF SAINT-GABRIEL

As part of a four-year partnership protocol, the Order of Saint Gabriel Assure, through its International Association of Hospital Works of Saint-Gabriel, funding:
  • the purchase of a 4x4 medical vehicle for consultation tours in remote villages of the island;
  • the installation of an operating room for small obstetrical surgery operations;
  • the creation of a drinking water production station.

The Order of Saint Gabriel carries out important charitable activities, thanks to the commitment of the Knights Hospitallers of the Order, who contribute to the development of hospital structures in Africa, South America and also in Europe.

The goal of the Order is to promote peace and human development around the world.

The Andzaha Maternity Clinic

Andzaha Santé is an innovative humanitarian project whose goal is the opening of a solidarity health center for mothers and children on the island of Sainte-Marie in Madagascar, financed by social and solidarity-based companies.

The objective of this health center is to strengthen the few health facilities already in place to provide quality care to 27,000 inhabitants of the island.

At first, it will focus on Mother and Child care (family planning awareness, prenatal consultations and pregnancy monitoring, diagnosis and management of at-risk pregnancies, pediatric care ...), but will focus on a second step to treat the many pathologies not currently supported.

To finance the operation of this Health Cluster and provide almost free care to this population, several micro-businesses will be created (transport of materials, web cafe, discovery taxi ...) of which a portion of the profits will be donated to the Health Cluster.

This project is fully in keeping with the Public Health policy of the Malagasy government. Moreover, the Andzaha association has been recognized as a general interest by the Malagasy and French governments.

It is a necessary project, realistic, exemplary ...

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to the Human Development Index (HDI), Madagascar is ranked 150th out of 177 countries. The HDI measures the average level of a country according to three essential criteria of development:

    Insufficient medical infrastructure: dramatic lack of medical and paramedical staff, lack of training, often ineffective care, dilapidated equipment, high mortality ...
    Lack of job opportunities on the island
    A big deficit in terms of education and vocational training

His Medical Team:

    ● Emilien Colas (General Practitioner,
        Head of Health Cluster)
    ● Patrick Tubiana (Gyneco-obstetrician)
    ● Maud Wary (Puéricultrice)
    ● Emilien COLAS: Head of the Health Cluster
    ● Charlotte BOTORONONO: Administrative Manager
    ● Marie Djene DIAKITE: Nurse
    ● Rarison DIDI
    ● François ELYSEE
    ● Desired JACQUES
    ● Desires TAMBIRA
Roland de BOUTECHOUX de CHAVANES Grand Master of the Order of Saint-Gabriel

Testimonials of support.

The Order of St. Gabriel, represented by Grand Master Roland de Boutechoux de Chavanes, met Gérard Hoareau, founder of Andzaha Santé three years ago and pledged to support him, seduced by their responsible approach to project which ensures its sustainability thanks to its contribution in helping to create micro enterprises.

"In fact, donations are desirable, but those who receive help must also demonstrate that they deserve it by committing themselves to the survival of anonymous women and men; by their generosity, their commitment, their dedication bring them without waiting for return. It is also this sense of responsibility clearly stated that seduced me "
The Donation Commission led by Constable Jürg Stäubli has recently signed a partnership protocol with Dr. Guy-Daniel Koechlin, President of Andzaha-Santé, which covers a period of four years. which will take effect in the first semester of 2015.

This first installment covers an amount of € 40000. The funding will be provided by the International Association of Hospital Work of Saint Gabriel whose headquarters is located in Lyon, France.
Guy-Daniel KOECHLIN President Andzaha Health
The Christian values ​​that animate me are the engine of my empathy for those who suffer or who are in precariousness. These values, which were translated in the Middle Ages by the creation of the first hospitals in Europe, are also the basis of the Andzaha project, which led me to commit myself more in this beautiful challenge and to accept to become president. This challenge is huge but exhilarating for me!

A particular aspect of Andzaha Santé's vision also motivates me: far from the traditional assistantship, it includes a real aspect of development and autonomy through the creation of solidarity micro-enterprises. That's what led me, in 2012, to sponsor her to my Orange employer's foundation, which, sensitive to the care of women and young children, then became a financial partner for the development of the clinical.

Aware of the immense challenge that this project represents for the population of Ile Sainte-Marie, I wish to be part of the continuity of the rigor and seriousness that were those of François Gitton which I take today following as well as its Board of Directors, to which I also pay tribute.
Emilien COLAS Médecin Chef du Pôle Santé Andzaha
The initiative of the Andzaha Project is exemplary and deserves support. My motivation is to share my technical and managerial experiences to make this self-financing clinic a pilot and a model for humanitarian intervention. The objectives of this project fit with my professional perspectives and ambitions and as a native of the island it is a privilege and a pleasure to participate in the improvement of the health status of the saints-mariens and to contribute to achieving the MDGs.
François GITTON Directeur Général Veolia Water Information System
I am involved in this project for 3 main reasons:

  • This is a necessary project because the inhabitants of St Marie are too far from the capital to hope to drain the meager subsidies of the Malagasy government; they are too small to interest big NGOs; only private initiatives like ours can help them get out of this downward spiral of poverty and precariousness.
  • It is a realistic project because led by a small team of extremely competent and motivated people, doctors, entrepreneurs, executives ... and implements the principles of social entrepreneurship where economic activities come to finance humanitarian actions and social security to ensure its sustainability.
  • It is an exemplary project, illustrative of a new and reproducible development model, based on social entrepreneurship, to break the infernal circle of poverty and isolation.

Moreover, I work with this team and the more I realize the power of movement that can represent a small group of determined people, driven by the same will.
Madame ADELIN Ancienne Maire d'Ambodifotatra
I congratulate ANDZAHA Santé for the initiative taken in favor of the mother and the child. During my tenure as Mayor, I had made it my "battle horse" with regard to the precariousness of many families. Thanks to the help given by various organizations in France or Reunion Island, I had created a network for the distribution of milk to infants whose mothers gave birth at the maternity ward. But the "biggest" have not been forgotten because students in public and private schools have also benefited from these distributions. I wish happiness to ANDZAHA Health for the good of all.