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a Man is never so tall as
when he is standing to help a child.


The Order of

The Order of St. Gabriel is an order of European knighthood and lay, it was created at the initiative of diplomats accredited in different European countries.The goal of the Order is to promote peace and human development around the world.

It is part of the tradition of the old Orders of Chivalry and operates according to a universal vision of peace, in order to favor the individual or collective actions intended for the poorest countries. The Order of St. Gabriel is the Sovereign Body of the Order, it determines and implements the actions defined at the Magisterial Councils and Sovereign Councils.It is directed by the Grand Master of the Order assisted by members of the Conseil Magistral.

The Order of St. Gabriel operates on the principles of contemporary Orders whose associations, exercises and statutes are recognized in many countries in Europe and outside Europe

International Association of the
Charitable Works of Saint-Gabriel

Order of Saint-Gabriel

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The Order of Saint Gabriel promotes and supports individual or collective actions aimed at the most disadvantaged countries.

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